What is Free Beer Sessions?

The Free Beer Sessions brings open source enthusiasts and users together.

Where open source enthusiasts come together and discuss industry trends, network with peers, and learn cool stuff, and the beer is free.

Our Next Free Beer Session

#21 13.October.2016

This is the Johannesburg event. For the Cape Town event Click here

We are hooking up with Cape Town for a second round of connecting Open Source philosophies, technologies, and communities in South Africa.

Free Beer Sessions started out like any brewer of free beer. Our aim is to create a space to craft distinguishing flavours of open source technology for business. Next, we looked at our recipe. It begins with the ingredients, and our aim is to get speakers that will spark new ideas, share trends, knowledge and experience in the open source space. Next, we inspire our brew masters to share their projects and collaborate together to do great things, all in the name of The Open Way.


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Speaker 1: Johannesburg
Speaker 2: Cape Town
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Confirmed Attendees

25 confirmed attendees
Johan Neethling Hosting Assurance Specialist Vodacom Business
Marthin Otto Hosting Assurance Specialist Vodacom Business
Jean-Marié Hamman Operations Manager Obsidian
Ryan Noble Full-Stack Web Developer Hellocomputer
Samantha Fletcher Account director G&G



Investec Johannesburg | 100 Grayston Drive | Sandton| Johannesburg | 2196

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