What is Free Beer Sessions?

The Free Beer Sessions brings open source enthusiasts and users together.

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The Free Beer Sessions brings open source enthusiasts and users together to discuss industry trends, network with peers, and learn cool stuff. And yes, the beer is ABSOLUTELY free.

Meet Obsidian and learn more about us

In the true spirit of Open Source, Obsidian proudly sponsors Free Beer Sessions to promote the Open Source community dialogue, information sharing and to provide a networking opportunity.

Obsidian is the name that has become synonymous with providing peace of mind when it comes to Open Source Software (OSS) requirements.With two decades of knowledge and experience in the OSS realm Obsidian understands how open source can be utilised, modified and succesfully implemented in today's business world. Regardless of your company's core focus, OSS can play a valuable role in reducing long-term IT expenditure and increasing efficiency, all the while ensuring complete control and ownership of your valuable data. Whether it is identifying the most appropriate places in your business to implement OSS solutions, or assisting with those mission critical implementations and back-up services, Obsidian can help you.

It is Obsidian's mission to provide OSS and its accompanying services (including the Linux operating system) to the African continent.

As a partner to businesses and the consumer community, Obsidian provides consulting on how open source can benefit anybody from home users, through small and medium sized businesses, to large corporations. Obsidian can help anybody to optimise their existing IT investments through the proper use of OSS.

Professional support for OSS systems and applications remains a point of concern for many IT decision makers. Obsidian has been providing professional telephonic, remote and on-site support on contract and per-incident basis for more than a decade. During this period, Obsidian has implemented and maintained OSS in business areas ranging from the infrastructural level to back-end solutions, as well as custom developed solutions.

As one of the first OSS solution providers in South Africa, Obsidian has forged strong partnerships with some of the IT industry's top players. These partnerships offer Obsidian access to a wealth of knowledge that is vital in providing the very best open source solutions to our clients.

Key to Obsidian's success over the past decade has been the emphasis we place on having skilled internal resources available. Extending this opportunity to our clients flows directly from a deep understanding of the value of training and knowledge transfer. 

As important as having highly skilled technical resources at your disposal, is having end-users that are properly trained. With this in mind, Obsidian also provides end-user training on popular open source applications, with a strong focus on cross platform applications. For more information visit us at www.obsidian.co.za.

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